Underwood Surgery

139 St. George's Road, Cheltenham GL50 3EQ

New Patients

If you are a new patient then please could you ensure that you have enough repeat medication for a month from you previous practice. Do not put in a request for a repeat prescription until you have seen your nominated doctor and had all your medications authorised. Please note that it might take two weeks to see your new GP if they are away.

If you are running out of medication then please ensure we have a tear off slip from your previous GP Surgery so that a temporary supply can be issued whilst you are awaiting an appointment.

Ordering via the Surgery's Secure System & Mobile App

Our Surgery uses SystmOnline, which allows you to order your prescriptions on their website securely or by downloading their mobile app. You will need to register in person for your user account.

  • To Learn about how to register your online account, click here
  • If you have already registered, click here to sign in

In the comments section state:

  • The name of your pharmacy, but only if your pharmacy collects from the practice and you would like them to do so.
  • Stamp-addressed envelope left
  • You want to collect it in person from the main practice

Other ways to order

We want to make it easy for our patients to order repeat medication:

Your request will be processed within two working days of receipt so please allow sufficient time to order your medicines before you run out. Prescriptions will be ready after 3:00pm each day.

We regret that, unless it is an emergency, we cannot accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions at the main Surgery. This is to remove the possibility of mistakes being made in transcribing telephone requests and also to free up our telephone lines for patients.

Each prescription request has a review date. Please could you make an appointment to see your usual doctor or nurse for a review if this date is approaching or has passed.

Your usual doctor will sign your prescription. Please inform your doctor if your usual doctor is incorrect.

Ordering in Person

It will help us to provide a better service if you return the white, right hand portion of your previous prescription, indicating which items you are requesting. If you cannot do this, please complete one of the request forms, which are on the reception desk.

Ordering by Post

Please return the right hand portion of your previous prescription or clearly write your name, address, date of birth, plus the name of your medications, the strength and the quantity - for example, patient number 001, Aspirin 75mg x 28.

Ordering using Email

Due to changes in the way we process repeat prescritions, we have decided to no longer support our online web form.

If you order repeat prescriptions regularly then we highly recommend registering for SystmOnline, which remembers your prescriptions and also allows you to book appointments and access your medical record through their website or mobile applications.

You can alternatively copy the template below, complete it and email it to underwood.scripts@nhs.net

Click the Email Address Link above and the template will be automatically loaded into your email app or program

Your full name:

Your date of birth or NHS Number:

Name of Cheltenham Pharmacy where you will collect script from:

Problems or Amendments to scripts:

Medications (strength e.g. 20mg , form e.g. capsules, ointment, patch, inhaler, liquid etc.)

Drug name/strength/form:

Drug name/strength/form:

Drug name/strength/form:

Drug name/strength/form:

When listing each of your drugs, please ensure they are alphabetically listed

Please note if emailing that your data theoretically may not be secure.

Collection of Prescriptions

If you register for the Electronic Prescription Service then your pharmacy will receive your prescription electronically from the Practice. This will save you a trip to the Surgery. If this service would help you, please contact your local pharmacy to find out how to register.

Check out the pharmacy list page:

Click here to view list of Pharmacies in Cheltenham