Please make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

Telephone Line Closure

The appointments telephone line, is closed over lunchtime (12:30 – 14:00).


Please try and book routine appointments with your usual doctor. It may be that you have to book more than a week ahead to get an appointment with a doctor of your choice.

If you have a new problem it is generally best to book an appointment with your usual doctor. However if an appointment is not available soon enough, then book for a different GP. The doctor will either manage this problem for you or suggest that you see your usual doctor for follow up.

Triage Service

If there is no appointment available soon enough and you need advice immediately, then the receptionist will ask if you would like to speak to the Triage Doctor. Every morning and afternoon there is a duty doctor available who can phone you back: this is the Triage Doctor. The doctor will listen to your problem and may book you into a reserved appointment slot later that day or at a later time.

Extended Hours

These appointments are for routine matters only: for any urgent care during these hours you should contact the Out of Hours service in the usual way by telephoning.

Please note that because there is no hospital laboratory collection service during these extended hours, the doctors cannot take blood samples, swabs or smears during these appointments. They are happy to see patients for any routine matters but if any of these tests are required, you will need a follow-up appointment with a nurse or phlebotomist during our normal working hours between 08:30 – 18:00.