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Screening kits are bit longer available in Gloucestershire for Primary Care. They can be obtained on request from www.sexhelpglos.nhs.uk

Most people who have chlamydia will have no symptoms, you will probably not know anything is wrong. If you are sexually active and under 25 you are at risk.

If you have chlamydia and it's not treated, the infection can cause health problems. Not everyone who has chlamydia will develop health problems, but the risk increases the more times you get infected with chlamydia.

What can happen if you don't know you have chlamydia?

In women -Chlamydia can spread in the body and cause infection and inflammation inside the reproductive system.

It can cause pain, especially in the abdomen, and this may then cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

It can also lead to damage in the fallopian tubes (the tubes that take the eggs to your womb each month) and cause them to become narrowed or blocked. This could result in infertility (not being able to have a baby), or may cause an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy which is developing in the tube because the fertilised egg didn't reach the womb). Ectopic pregnancy can be very serious and even life-threatening.

In men -Chlamydia can cause painful inflammation in one or both testicles. It's thought that chlamydia might also lead to reduced fertility or infertility in men.

Both -If left untreated chlamydia can cause Reiter's syndrome.

Reiter's syndrome is a reaction to another infection within your body. It causes:

  • urethritis (inflammation of the urethra)
  • conjunctivitis (inflammation of the outer surface of the eye)
  • a form of arthritis (inflammation of the joints and tendons) known as seronegative arthritis.

Reiter's syndrome is also sometimes called reactive arthritis, because it develops as a reaction to an infection in part of your body other than your joints.

Reiter's syndrome can affect men and women of all ages, but is most common in men aged 20-40.

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Other Health Issues

Come to the Medical Centre, where a wide range of leaflets is available providing advice on many health topics.

A really helpful website on a wide range of topics is www.studenthealth.co.uk

Also, for general health: www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk

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